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VIO - The accessibility of smart living through the world of smart lights
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VIO Singapore.
You've probably heard of VIO, which is why you’re here today. But, in case you have been brought here by fate (just kidding, it was probably the SEO), click here to learn more about us!
Otherwise, let’s skip the basics. Because any smart lighting that cannot be switched on or off via a virtual switch is just not worth the investment.
What we’re driving at is a smart solution that caters for your routine from day to night. 
Spontaneously craft atmospheric scenes to set your mood
And now we’re talking! So, grab your phones and launch our app to gain access to a full fledged suite of commands. The world is now in your hands and you’re ready to create phenomenal atmospheres at the snap of your fingers (just like Thanos).
With VIO’s light serving up to 2900 lumens across our range of lights, it is no wonder you need a dimming function to take it down a notch and cap off the day. We figured it wouldn’t make sense to only dim and hence brought on the tune function to let you experience the transition from cool white to warm white, mimicking daybreak to nightfall. 
And if that’s not enough excitement, some of our lights also come with our COLOURPLAY feature that enables you to proudly display over 16 million colours in your humble abode. 
Ready to experience the masterpiece you have just created over and over again? Save the scenes for easy access and let your lights work around your schedules with automations!
At 7.00am, your room lights automatically switch on, but dim enough to lightly awaken you.
At 7.30am, your room light turns on to the maximum capacity after you’re done showering (or if you’re still snoozing away). 
At 8.00am, your hallway light switches on just as you’re about to exit your room to head for the door. 
Finally, as you turn around to lock the door, you say “Hey Google, off all lights” and your home goes into complete darkness. Because your voice is your power. 
But, we’re not done talking.
Coupled with other amazing features like Anywhere Access that lets you have a full host of control within your palms wherever (at any part of the world as long as you’re connected to the internet) and whenever. Smart Sharing that extends your access to your family and friends. And custom control that lets you gain control of every individual light (or you can group them together). Now, that’s the kind of joy you derive from living “smart”. 
At VIO, we create easy access to smart lights with our one app, one tap, one command solution.
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