Why smart lighting is a must-have, based on your lifestyle


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Why smart lighting is a must have in all smart homes based on your lifestyle


No matter what lifestyle you lead, smart lighting will work its magic for you. Unsplash.


Today, an estimated 1 in 4 Singaporeans own a smart home. Sounds like a large number? Statistically speaking, it is a pretty decent proportion. But what about the other 3 Singaporeans? What is holding them back? And are you one of them?


Perhaps smart living seems out of reach for you. Or maybe you are uncertain about the know-how of smart homes. If the latter is the case, fret not, we can help clear some of your doubts here. Otherwise, if cost is the main obstruction, you may want to start with an entry-level smart home element – smart lighting.


Although smart lighting options are aplenty in the market, VIO offers a never-before-seen lighting subscription model that is highly accessible. Instead of paying hefty amounts for your lights or setting up an extensive infrastructure, simply subscribe to our products at a small monthly fee for unparalleled access to smart lighting.

Now that cost and set-up are out of the way, the next step is to understand how smart lighting can fit into your lifestyle. For those who think that smart living is only for the rich or the tech-savvy, we’re here to offer another standpoint. Coupled with our affordable and accessible products, smart lighting is definitely for everyone. Let’s dive right into it.



1. The Workaholic

Earlier this year, when the pandemic took the world by surprise, working from home became the new norm that almost all of us had to adapt to. You would think working from home is all sunshine and rainbows – just think waking up merely 5 minutes before your Zoom meeting or enjoying your breakfast in bed. Instead, you found yourself on virtual meetings after office hours and expected to reply emails on weekends, simply because you are at home.


As you have probably experienced it firsthand, being stuck in the same environment blurs the line between work and rest. It’s no wonder why working from home will drive you nuts in the long run. This thus signals a need to set clear boundaries between your work and life. And what better way to take control of your home environment than through your lights? Since traditional lights and switches can only be toggled on and off, smart lighting will be what you need to obtain a full range of control.



Has working from home taken a toll on your personal life? Smart lighting can help draw a distinct line between work and rest. Pexels.


During the day, switch on cooler, white lights to mimic natural daylight, which has been shown to improve alertness and in turn, productivity. In addition, if your smart lights are non-stroboscopic – like the ones at VIO – these flicker-free lights can prevent any eye strains that may tire your eyes. At any point of the day when the light is too bright, smart lighting allows you to toggle the brightness and colour temperature to your comfort. Rest assured, you’ll feel refreshed even after slogging at your desk for the entire day.


Before the sun sets, pre-schedule your lights to automatically turn to a warmer hue or a more relaxing scene. With the change of environment (just like leaving the office), you will be prompted to call it a day. Using smart lighting, you can experience an enhanced level of discipline between work and play.


2. The Socialiser

Love having friends over and hosting dinner parties? The social distancing days were probably torturous for you. With restrictions that limits you to a 5 pax gathering, ban of alcohol consumption outdoors after 10.30pm and the closure of entertainment outlets, you must have missed being a social butterfly. No kidding, but if only you had smart lighting back then, you might have been able to maintain your lifestyle – pandemic or not.


Since colour temperature and brightness of lights play an integral role in your home environment, imagine what great possibilities you can create when you have RGB lights. More than just recreating an office environment, what about recreating the flashing disco lights at the new indoor skating rink? With VIO’s COLOURPLAY series, skip your dreams and make it a reality. Gain access to over 16 million colours by swatching across the colour wheel and adjusting the hue levels. At the same time, toggle between the dim and tune functions to further personalise your light settings.



With VIO’s COLOURPLAY feature, unleash your creativity and transform your living room into a dance floor. Unsplash.


Furthermore, VIO's modular control allows for total control over every individual light enabling a full customisable experience to fulfil your specific demands. Altogether with COLOURPLAY, let your creativity go wild right in the comforts of your home. If you truly created a lighting masterpiece and wish to relive the experience at any time of the day or year, save them as scenes for easier access! The next time you’re hosting a movie party, waste no time adjusting your environment – just tap to go into complete darkness.


3. The Parent

For those with children, smart lighting can be your second pair of eyes when you’re not at home. Having remote access to your lights can help you keep tabs on your kids, whether you’re travelling to work or even in your meetings. Not sure if your kids are getting ready for school? Check if their lights are still switched off. Want to know if your kids are home safe? Check if the lights at home are on.


To take this one step further, having smart lights can also replace having a nanny at home. Just use scene automations to prompt your kids to complete their daily tasks. When it’s homework time, you can program all table lamps to be sufficiently bright, or when bedtime rolls around, you can schedule dimmer and warmer lighting. These scene automations will give your kids a routine that they can easily follow. This feature will definitely come in handy especially if your kid is still young and does not know the type of lighting they require for different tasks.



With smart lighting, scene automations will help your children instill discipline throughout the day. Unsplash.


On the flipside, smart lighting can also help younger children gain independence. Being afraid of the dark is one of the most common fears among children. Time for bed? Cue the endless whining and insistence to keep the lights on. By utilising the dim and tune functions, you can help your child move past this fear. Rather than plunging them into darkness immediately, set their bedroom lights to fade to dark over time. The automated lighting will help them slowly drift to sleep as the room dims. And an added bonus for you: save the electricity cost of leaving the lights on for an entire night.


4. The Independent

You may think: Well, you’re living alone. Do you really need smart lights that cost a bomb given that you’re the only one actually using them? 


The truth is, living alone can admittedly get lonely at times, especially coming home to a dark and empty house after a long day at work. With smart lights, you can pre-schedule your lights to turn on so you will always feel welcomed home. Once you step into your house, your warm lighting will create a cozy haven that you can immediately feel relaxed in. Further paired with smart home assistants, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, smart lighting can also be used handsfree – very handy especially since you may not have an extra helping hand. Struggling to lift your arms to reach for the light switch with multiple grocery bags dangling on your arms? Just shout out to your smart home assistants to have your lights switched on. 



Living alone? Great, your smart lights can be dedicated to take good care of you. Pixabay.


Another downside to staying alone is that your house becomes an easy target for burglary when you are away from home. With your home in complete darkness for days, lurkers may notice the lack of activity and conceive ill intentions. While you could just leave the lights on, wouldn’t it be suspicious since nobody has their lights on 24/7? And just imagine the electricity bill when you get back… you’ll definitely get the shock of your life.


Forget all that hassle. Because, with smart comes access. Give yourself the option to control your home lighting even when you’re suntanning on a beach in Bali. Or, simply pre-schedule your lights to switch on and off at set times of the day to simulate a typical day at home. Let your smart lighting double up as a security feature to keep burglars at bay.


5. The Gamer

For someone who spends most of their time in front of a computer screen, smart lighting may seem completely irrelevant to you. Since you are always in your room, you probably won’t have any reason to use these lighting features right? So, why bother?


Let’s not jump the gun. You will be surprised to know how the right lighting can transform your gaming experience. In particular, your lighting’s Unified Glare Rating (UGR) or Colour Rendering Index (CRI) can make or break this experience. 


UGR indicates how glaring your light is, so the lower the UGR, the less strain on your eyes. As VIO’s products are all low glare, this means you can power through the night without any discomfort. Adding on, CRI is crucial as it determines how accurately you can see colours under the lights. Under VIO’s lights – with CRI above 80 – your game graphics will appear so perfectly that it feels like you’re in the game. 


And for the ultimate game changer: adjustable light settings. Not everybody enjoys gaming with the lights on. But when all lights are off, the contrast between the lit screen and the darkness of the room can be a painful strain on your eyes. Smart lighting thus offers you the perfect balance. With COLOURPLAY, dim and tune functions, tweak the colour and glare of your lighting to find the sweet spot. You’ll never settle for a less immersive gaming experience again. 



Let smart lighting create an unprecedented, immersive gaming haven for you. Unsplash.


Looking at these wide-ranging features of smart lighting – from the most essential function of remote access to the more advanced colourplay element – it definitely does not discriminate between different lifestyles. 


No matter young or old, smart lighting has something for everyone. So don’t be too quick to turn smart lighting away. Give it a chance and you will experience the difference. 


With us at VIO, you are just one step away from feeling this difference. Our smart lighting subscription plan offers you the smart lifestyle with no strings attached. Anytime you feel like it, cancel or change your subscription, at no termination fees.


Interested to give smart living a go? Sign up for a free trial today and let our products speak for themselves. The trial is only available for a limited period of time so don’t miss it!