VIO | Smart Living Subscription Solution | Our Story


VIO started with the idea that technology

is most powerful when everyone can access it.

Our Story

We aim to challenge the norm of everyday life and bring greater value to the world through our expertise in lights and technology. Hence, we set out on a bold mission to bring smart innovation to every household.

As digital natives ourselves, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to do things by and with technology. Our passion for redefining what smart is in the digital age is what drove us in the beginning, and still drives us today. 

Yet oftentimes, most of us don’t bat an eyelid at the most ordinary things that may have the biggest impact on our lives. We’re adamant in reimagining smart innovation that makes an impact in today’s world, be it big or small. Because change is our catalyst, we want you to #experiencethedifference.   

Here at VIO, we believe in truly understanding the needs of our consumers and delivering solutions that make an impact. We believe every innovation begins with you, so we aspire to be the modern bridge between smart technology and you - and this is just the beginning.


Brand Logo

Our logo represents who we are: bold and energetic innovators. The Greek letter Delta symbolises change and difference - we strive to be always evolving in our innovation as enablers of your different experience. The interlocking V's unify the 3 pillars of our business ethos: product, communication and customer experience. Our brand colours is an attestation to our bold yet purposeful resolve.

For wordmarks, the rounded terminals of sans serif font Quicksand reasserts our warm and friendly identity.