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Why Us

Staying Ahead Of Technology Curves Can Be An Expensive Proposition

Just like you, we are constantly chasing trends for the latest technological upgrades at the expense of our pockets #RIPsavings.

Then it struck us.

Technology is most powerful only when everyone has access to it. However, it is an ever-changing trend and only provides a short-lived experience at a premium. Hence, we wanted to develop a product that enabled easier access and a shocking discovery was made.


The Woes Of Ownership

Harnessing technology is typically furnished by the physical ownership of gadgets. Yet it is so short-lived and only provides interim benefits that are rendered obsolete as better technology emerges.

Ownership creates commitment and the hassles related to dealing with it when it malfunctions and passes its warranty. As consumers ourselves, it certainly did not make sense to trade commitment for a fresh taste of the latest trends before we’re overwhelmed by new upgrades that cost even more. That’s why we’re advocating an emerging form of ownership. 


The Future Of Living: Access

We’ve set out to create a product that challenges what was conventionally deemed a ‘product’. With efforts to reduce the cost of ownership, we crafted our ‘product’ to integrate everything from hardwares, softwares, support, and a communication platform for our consumers. 

That’s how we settled on subscription. A low flat-fee approach that provides more savings, choices, freedom and the flexibility to go minimalist – while being convenient.


With this direction, we’re able to form better relationships with you and redistribute cost savings back to drive benefits for you. We’re here to help you experience the next phase of experiential living